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Placement Office helps students in their career objectives and developing an effective job search strategy. The placement office also displays the company’s requirements and manages placement campus interviews or sends students to potential industries for attending interviews at the request of the companies. This placement facility is available to those students who obtain minimum B+ grade on the average up to 3rd semester and have maintained minimum 85% attendance in the regular classes/seminars.

It is the responsibility of the student to get a placement on the basis of his/her performance at the interview ‘ conducted by potential employer. A student will be given 3 attempts at the Campus interviews for selection.

A Short-listed candidate at a Campus interview will not be allowed to attend another Campus interview unless all eligible students are exhausted i.e.short listed within maximum 3 attempts (trials). A candidate has to appear all the three consecutive campus interviews and if he/she is not short listed or selected after three attempts then he will be given a11 in special chance in May month of the year for final placement selection duration is 15th November to 15th May of the year.


The Institute holds training programs for the executives of industries and also provides consultancy in different areas of Management to industries.


Every area of business and industry now demands knowledge of information processing. Managers with Computer knowledge are more effective and efficient in decision-making process. In view of this, above consideration, the Institute gives more emphasis on computer training to all the students in their respective programmes. The computing facilities are made available to all students as per official schedule from time to time on all working days. In view of this.the Institute provides a Laptop free of cost to each student for his/her personal and regular use in the campus.


The Institute has its own Library for the use of students, staff, faculty and other outside professionals working in industries.The library contains world-class collections of Standard Books, Journals, Periodicals, Magazines and Newspapers for consultation. Membership of the library may be obtained by applying on a prescribed perform and paying the required membership fee as the case may be.The library may provide online facilities for consultation.


Anyone who registers as a student of GSBA automatically becomes a member of the GSBA Alumni Association.There is a subscription fee of Rs. 2,500/- for life membership of the Association at the time of admission and there is no need to renew membership later on.

This Association will develop relationship between the current students and the former students and will help knowing their present business or service profile with current address, Phone No., Mobile No. & E-mail ID.

The profile of all members will be for the present and future use. The alumni will be involved in the :
(1) Admission process of the Institute
(2) Syllabus up-dation Process
(3) Development of Case studies
(4) Organization of the Cultural Programmes
(5) Interaction process for establishing partnership with the industry.
(6) Organization of Industrial Visits
(7) Placement & Summer Internship Activities
(8) Entertainment sports & social events to build national image.
(9) Sharing experience & views
(10) Sharing Future plans for change in management and improvement
(11) Creating awareness for new job opportunities
(12) Invited talks and recreational tours
(13) Term paper & summer projects evaluation process.

There will be some chapters -offices of this Alumni Association in the different important cities of the country and abroad. There will be one annual get together at time of convocation of all the current and former students for sharing of experiences,sharing of thoughts,awards presentation,dinner party and recalling old memories.

A review of contribution of Alumni to the Institute :An account will be opened in the name of Alumni Association.There will be nomination or selection of :
(1) President
(2) Secretary
(3) 5-members & a faculty co-ordinator at the annual meeting
(4) The nomination will be decided by the institute by election process or nominating members from time to time.


Along with offering a rich vein of Graduate study and research resources, GSBA has unrivaled opportunities for participation in an enormous array of clubs sporting activities, music drama and journalism.A student has to be a member of at least one academic club and one other than academic club.The Clubs are as follows :

(i) Marketing Club
(ii) Information, news media and communication club
(iii) Sports Club
(iv) Culture Club I Performing Arts
(v) Music Club (SURTARANG Club)
(vi) HR Club
(vii) Finance Club
(viii) Operation Club
(ix) IT Club
(x) Social Service to the poor student Club

Note : Membership fee for each club is Rs. 1001- the time of admission.


It is the hub of post graduate life within the Institute which provides comfortable place with sitting arrangement consisting of round tables & chairs for students in groups to socialize, to play indoor games, to celebrate / organize birthday parties, to invite industry people for evening entertainment & interaction, to go for Yoga classes and for creating active graduate management community feelings among diverse culture groups for sharing comforts and woes of social life today and tomorrow.

This Common Entertainment Room is equipped with Television and film screening etc.This room is also used for hostler’s meeting and Mess Committee members meetings to make policy decision to run mess and to discuss important issues related to hostel and mess running problems.

This common room is also attached with 7 guest rooms where 15-21 parents or relatives of hostlers can stay in the night and enjoy good food,tea etc. services at nominal cost from the canteen of the Institute or its hostel mess.This room is a venue for fun, relaxation and as a crucial avenue for general academic support.


Students living in the hostel but cannot afford full monthly mess charges, the Institute through hostel student’s advice service will provide mess charges at the concessional rate 50% to five hostlers who will be financially poor but have good academic records in the Institute.This will be done in the second year on the basis of nostiers meritorious performance in the first two semesters exams.SO% monthly mess charges will be paid by the Institute for these economically weak but meritorious hostlers.


The resources of the Institute are provided for the intellectual growth and overall personality development of the students.The students are required to attend all classes as per scheduled time-table and participate in all the activities being organized or managed by the Institute from time-to-time. The students should attend all guest faculty lectures along with the regular class lectures and visit Industries as and when notified. The students over all attendance should be maintained at minimum 85% level. All professors will make a clear statement to all their classes regarding their policies in handling absence at the beginning of each quarter. Professors will also be responsible for counseling their students regarding the academic consequences of absence from their classes or laboratories_Students are obligated to adhere to the requirements of each course and of each course professor. Students must not be absent from announced quizzes, laboratory periods or final examinations unless the reasons for the absence are acceptable to the Executive Director. Students should also understand that they are responsible for the academic consequences of their absence.


The students are expected to behave professionally inside and outside of GSBA. They must be available for active participation in all Program Activities (individual and team/group work, and class session ) on all the days of a week. Punctual and regular attendance at minimum

85% level is required at all semesters and is a condition for the award of diploma. Cases of irregularities, indiscipline and defaulting at any stage will be considered by the Executive Director or by a committee appointed by the Executive Director and the decision taken by the Executive Director shall be final and binding to all concerned.


(i) Annual fee is subject to change year wise.
(ii) Fees once paid will not be refunded after classes have started, however, within I S days of depositing fee as first installment the fee can be refunded through the written request by the student countersigned by him/her parents in the ratio 40:60. i.e. 60% fee will be refunded &40% will be retained, if the request is before 15 days from the date of depositing the fee (Academic + Hostel fee)
• Hostel is compulsory for all students. Only Hostler can avail the facility of Library & Computer Center up to 10.00 PM. Non-hustlers are not permitted after Academic Time i.e 7:30 pm.
• All disputes are subject to Greater Noida courts only.
• Any change in rules can be notified by the Institute without any objection from any corner
• All rights of admission or other changes are reserved with the Institute.


The following is policy regarding disruptive behavior in any dept. at GSBA Any student, faculty Member, administrator or employee, acting individually or in concept with others, who dearly obstructs or disrupts, Or attempts to obstruct or disrupt any teaching, research, administrative, disciplinary or public service activity, or any other Activity, authorized to be discharged or held on the campus of the Institute is considered by E.D. to have committed an act of gross irresponsibility and shall be subject to disciplinary procedures, possibly resulting in dismissal from programme or termination of services as the case may concern.

“The GSBA Management” reaffirms its belief that all segments of the academic community are under a strong obligation and have a mutual responsibility to protect the Campus community from disorderly, disruptive or obstructive actions which interfere with academic pursuits of teaching, learning and other campus activities


A student will be given free of cost Lap-Top for his/her use in2 year programme. A student should make use of Lap-Top during 2 years for his/her studies purpose, if he/her does not bring this Lap-Top in the Institute, then he/she has to pay the penalty cost equal to the cost of the Lap-Top as per bills.The purpose of giving Lap-Top free of cost up-to 31-10-20 1 I is that student is assisted in saving time in the computer lab and should know the proper use of computer facilities without which today’s manager is useless and even can not find a suitable job.


There will be anti-ragging committee and no student shalt dare to indulge in ragging process of any kind. otherwise committee member is authorized to register a FIR case against you, a member can also fine you or give you any heavy penalty to the extent of your expulsion from the programme. A student shell not indulge in ragging process in the main campus. hostel campus or any other place connected with the Institute.


The institute believe in quality education by combined inputs of theory and practice of management. It gives global management education and stresses on entrepreneurial qualities to be imbibed by the outgoing young managers. A comprehensive methodological approach is adopted to global comprehensive knowledge and skills to apply knowledge in the concerned fields with a positive attitude for acceptance of new changes to achieve excellence.


Annual fee structure for 2 years PGDM PROGRAMME

Tuition/Academic Fee 1 Rs.91,600/-
Other than tuition/academic fee,operational and maintenance charges
Admission Registration fee 1 Rs.30,000/-
Exam fee 1 Rs.20,000/
Industrial visit fee 1 Rs.50,000/-
Computer lab fee 1 Rs.50,000/-
Library fee 1 Rs.18,000/-
Placement and training fee 1 Rs.39,000/-
Hostel fee 1 Rs.45,000/-
Mess charges 1 Extra as per the bills by the co-operative Mess committee


An Entrance Test after second semester Exam Result will be conducted by the Institute to award scholarships of the following three categories of value :

As per merit of the Entrance Test result I st Position Rs. 5,000/- p.m.for I 0 months 2nd Position Rs. 3.000l- p.m. for 10 months 3rd Position Rs. 2,000/- p.m. for I 0 months